New Home

Company Eyes New Home

MD Design & Automation is growing. The company targeted acquisition of 5 acres of land in River Road Industrial Park and retained a local contractor to engineer and construct a 15,000 SF facility expandable by another 15,000 SF. Securing funding necessary to fully realize this project enabled an optimized floor plan, more efficient production and future space for accelerated sales growth. They have recently moved all of their operations to this single location.

The company partnered with the Economic Development Washington County (EDWC) and the city of West Bend.

Securing incentive approvals can be complicated at times; however, working with EDWC, we were able to successfully navigate the required approvals ... This cost-effective support enabled us to take the project farther than we had anticipated.

The company generates sales from numerous global and regional companies who appreciate their ability see to success complex projects with exacting specifications. The company previously operated one shift in a leased 9,800 SF facility outside the County. Bursting at the seams, our space would not allow us to take on significant new business, move to 2 shifts and maximize manufacturing processes across a more flexible footprint.

Being originally from West Bend, it was great to see the partnership demonstrated by the City and County. I’m excited to now have the opportunity to grow a business where I grew up.
- Mary Daul, Vice President, MD Design & Automation