MD Design & Automation is a reputable Design and Machine service provider specializing in turnkey precision machining, customized prototyping, reverse engineering CNC milling, CAD modeling, turning, and grinding.

Who We Are

MD Design & Automation is the top custom automation integrator that provides cutting-edge manufacturing solutions to clients across New Mexico and other US states such as Alaska, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Rhode Island, Arkansas, Nevada, South Dakota, and New Hampshire.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to innovation, sustainability, productivity, and unparalleled customer support. We believe that to achieve long-term success industries and manufacturing companies need to thrive consistently and focus on making the maximum possible use of technology to speed up their systems.

How We Work

Companies in New Mexico can acquire our services to improve their manufacturing processes. The fundamental step of manufacturing any product is prototyping. If things go wrong at the prototyping stage, the project fails. To help our clients mitigate any chances of failure in their projects, we offer them cost-effective prototyping services.

We conduct one-on-one meetings with our clients to understand their project goals, product requirements, and other details. After understanding their expectations and requirements, we communicate them to some of the most experienced engineers in New Mexico and they bring the designs to life. We make sure that every project is executed with immaculate attention to detail, mitigating risks, and under strict compliance with the quality control standards.

We use CNC machining technology to ensure we mitigate precision errors for every industrial part we design without wasting your money. What makes us the top choice among industries is our dedication to customer satisfaction and accuracy. Our engineers are always ready to make revisions to the products as many times as our clients desire. We work smart but also work hard if the projects are complex and keep making efforts until our clients are fully satisfied.

Why Us

Helping Companies Turn Ideas into Reality without Breaking the Bank

You just need to show us your drawings and discuss your concept and product specifications and leave the rest to our dedicated team. We can determine the quality of your products by using advanced tools and expertise.

The fundamental difference when working with MD Design & Automation is transparency. We always inform our clients about our progress and make sure that you’re on top of every little detail regarding your project.

We work with the utmost diligence, integrity, honor, and character. We exercise these principles in every project. Because of our extensive experience in the field, we can assure you that we can work with short lead times and tight tolerances.

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