Need Custom Automotive Parts Fabrication In Arizona? MD Design And Automation Is Your Best Bet

Advances in manufacturing have been responsible for a large number of the industry's most important breakthroughs. The automotive sector has benefited greatly from CNC machining applications in terms of manufacturing progress. MD Design & Automation manufactures parts that precisely match the requirements of your automobile application.

We have a lot of expertise in reworking obsolete parts or building prototype machinery for experimentation on new systems. Working together with you, our engineers use the latest machining and computing technologies as well as prototypes and reverse engineering to meet your automotive needs.

CNC parts that meet your automobile needs can only be made with precise machining and manufacturing. We'll build any vehicle item to the highest standards, no matter how difficult or old it is. Our clients can rely on us to meet their needs, whether it's a single prototype or a big list of reverse-engineered machine components.

Precision CNC machining, CAD models, and other tried-and-true ways of manufacture are all part of the services we provide using the most recent technology. We use CMM inspection to ensure that each component that departs our workshop perfectly suits your particular industry.

We stand by all of our work, whether it's done by hand or with the use of more sophisticated equipment. These are only a few examples of our technical capabilities:

  • Wire EDM
  • CNC Grinding
  • Manual Milling and Turning
  • 4 and 5 Axis Machining
  • Drilling & Grinding

We Are Experts In The Automotive Industry

The number of components in today's automobiles continues to grow as they are made. The mass of such components is a worry because optimizing fuel efficiency is constantly a consideration to meet and surpass regulatory restrictions. To ensure that the vehicle's component performs as designed throughout its lifetime, the right material must be selected.

MD Design & Automation has collaborated with the automotive and transportation industries to produce high-quality components. Hydraulic systems, motors, and pistons are just a few of the products we manufacture and provide to meet your exact needs. Our precision-machined parts and products can be tailored to meet your exact automotive equipment specifications.

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