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The state of Pennsylvania is known for several things. It has more miles of American history and culture than any other state in the union. More presidents were born here than in any other state. Even their license plates tell you they are proud to be "The Keystone State." This state is also home to many business-friendly. There are a lot of manufacturing enterprises in Pennsylvania that require design and machining services throughout the year, and this is where we can be of service to them.

About Us

In the manufacturing world, it’s often difficult to find a company that is eager and capable of producing your custom-designed manufacturing component. Or if you do find such a match – what’s more likely – they’re too expensive or providing shoddy service. That’s why we went out of our way to create a business that would be tailored for manufacturing custom manufactured products at an affordable price point for our clients. We at MD Design & Automation are a full-service design, machine shop, and inspection facility serving our customers diligently since 1996.

World-Class Design and Machining now in Penn state

It’s easy for any manufacturer to mass-produce a product. What sets us apart is that we can make all of your custom components to your high quality and specific needs. We have the experience and capabilities necessary to create a variety of manufactured parts, including complicated metal components. This allows us to serve numerous markets, ranging from automotive to electronics.

We can take an idea from concept to prototype and into production. Our company has served the leading names in diverse industries and geographies for many years, and our commitment to America is just getting started. We help companies create products they need quickly and cost-effectively.

Our portfolio of services includes CMM Measurement & Inspection Services , CNC Machining Services, Gage Work, Jig Grinding, Jigs & Fixture Manufacturing, Precision Grinding, Prototyping Services, Robotics, Specialized Replacement Parts, Wire EDM, Short Run/Long Run Production, reverse engineering machine parts, amongst others, in the great state of Pennsylvania.

Our precision fabrications are built from scratch using the latest computer-controlled cutting technologies. We work directly with our suppliers and partners to create a true one-of-a-kind finished product. You can have better quality control over your manufacturing processes and save money if you use one of our many components in your facilities.

We take great pride in treating our customers like royalty and consider it the secret to why we have successfully retained so many of them over the years. Our highly trained technicians follow all regulations required by the State of Pennsylvania. Our mission is to help businesses in Pennsylvania unlock their potential so that they can start earning more, and the effects trickle down to everyone in the state. We offer our services across the US, Europe, Canada, and South America.

To get our services in Pennsylvania or across the regions mentioned above, email us any time at sales@mddesignwi.com.

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