CMM Inspections

Accuracy is one of the key components to ensure quality production in all kinds of manufacturing industries worldwide. Industries heavily rely on the consistency of these parts to ensure the large-sized parts are built in compliance with the design specifications for their critical application and usage. Traditionally, industries used to carry out the process manually, which took a significant amount of time—resulting in delayed productivity.

This inspection of measurement is now made easier with the help of CMM inspection services. CMM or Coordinate Machine Measurement are industrial tools used to measure the dimensions of products made with precision machining & manufacturing. They measure things along the X-, Y-, and Z-axes using various technologies such as vision probes, lasers, and scanning tools. The results are then compared with the original blueprint to ensure that the measurements comply with the design.

At MD Design and Automation, we have accumulated experience of over 100 years in machining and manufacturing. We understand that your industry needs specified products with accurate measurements—which is why we use cutting-edge, modern CMM technology to make sure all of our client’s demands and expectations are seamlessly met.

Our precise CMM inspection ensures every part that leaves our place is measured comprehensively, regardless of whether your product is a single prototype or in a batch of hundreds. Working with us, you will always have an expert operator/programmer to perform your measurement tasks. With CMM inspection, our operators can perform complex measurements in record time—that wouldn’t be possible with traditional and outdated equipment.

Our Coordinate Machine Measurement expertise includes:

  • Comparing measurements of 3D model designs
  • Precise multi-axis measurement
  • Measurement determination with scanner
  • Quick, Efficient, and Accurate dimensional measurement

We’re based in West Bend, Wisconsin—with our range of services extending all over the United States, South America, Canada, and across Europe. Get a quote for Precision Grinding and CMM inspection or call us at +1 262-338-1982 to have a conversation with a real person.

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