MD Design & Automation is a complete Design and Machine Shop specializing in turnkey precision machining, CAD modeling, prototyping, reverse engineering CNC milling, grinding, and turning.

What We Offer

MD Design & Automation offers a wide range of traditional manufacturing services across Alaska and several other US states, including but not limited to Nebraska, Rhode Island, Iowa, Nevada, Kansas, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Arkansas, and New Mexico.

We have a highly qualified team of engineers on board who help industries upgrade their industrial systems, automate them and optimize them with cutting-edge technology.

We understand that designing smaller industrial parts isn’t just harder but also very costly. To help industrialists overcome this problem, we use CNC machining technology. From the quality and quantity to the size of your desired industrial part, we pay immaculate attention to every detail and execute all projects with strict adherence to the industry standards.

Our team is committed to satisfying our clients’ needs and meeting their expectations. We provide end-to-end project execution and revise the products based on the clients’ suggestions and make improvements in the prototype until you’re completely satisfied with the design.

In addition to getting functional prototypes, you can also leverage our services for jigs and fixtures and production components in higher and lower volumes. We provide unparalleled CNC milling and machining services in Alaska because we don’t just focus on completing a project; our primary goal is to make you happy with our unmatched product designing and part manufacturing. Our products aren’t just functional and user-friendly, but also have a nice ‘look and feel’, which most manufacturers often neglect. We stock a wide range of metal and plastic materials to help industries choose the right combination that fits their need.

Why Us

Do you have a design for industrial equipment but are unsure about its practicability?

At MD Design & Automation, Our prototyping professionals conduct meetings with our clients to understand their specific needs and bring their designs to life. We build industrial parts based on your drawings, concept, or specifications and provide our clients with just the right tools to optimize their industrial processes. What makes a top choice among industrialists is that we’re ISO certified and strictly maintain high-quality control standards at every step of the project execution. We leverage high-tech equipment and machine technologies to ensure quick project execution and mitigate prediction errors.

What makes us an industry leader for machine design and build in Alaska is that our company is highly agile and adaptable. We always keep up with the industrial trends and invest in purchasing AI-based tools to speed up our manufacturing and design processes. You can trust us to design and produce intricate and critical parts that require high precision and accuracy. Whether you want us to manufacture single-part components or large assemblies, we’ll be more than happy to help.

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We empower our clients with the requisite industrial tools and machinery to solve their technical design and process issues.

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