Precision Grinding

Several top industries require their parts and machine components to be manufactured exactly in compliance with the specification. Even a small fraction of change in dimensions can cause the massive electronic and mechanical bodies to malfunction. This is why industries make use of precision machining and grinding services.

Precision grinding can tailor machine parts according to the specified need of the job. The process is used for manufacturing, fabricating, and finishing different materials—typically metal parts. The grinding process involves a machine with a spinning wheel fitted on its ends that firmly separates the material from the workpiece and holds it together for high tolerances.

Precision grinding can either be performed manually or through subtle precision CNC machining services—machines that can be operated with a Computer Numerical Control code and software.

MD Design and Automation has an accumulated experience of over 100 years for building their name as one of the finest precision grinding service providers in the United States and beyond. Our highly-skilled technicians can provide you with affordable and state-of-art precision grinding solutions for various materials, including stainless steel, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, or any kind of plating, surfacing, or coating.

Our expertise in precision grinding includes:

  • Internal and external diameter grinding
  • Jig grinding
  • Surface grinding
  • CNC grinding Services
  • Planetary grinding
  • Cylindrical grinding

Our process of precision grinding is based on flexibility and adaptability. Whether you require high-quality precision machining & manufacturing on a single product like a prototype, or you need work on batches of hundreds—we will provide top-notch precision machining that fits all your needs.

We’re based in West Bend, Wisconsin—with our range of services extending all over the United States, South America, Canada, and across Europe. Get a quote for precision grinding, or call us at +1 262-338-1982 to have a conversation with a real person.

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