MD Design & Automation is a complete Design and Machine Shop specializing in turnkey manufacturing and production of industrial tools and supplies at a large-scale commercial level across Nevada and several states in the US.

What We Offer

MD Design & Automation offers industry-leading CNC machining and reverse engineering services to large and small-scale businesses from all industries in Nevada. Whether you run an electronics company, manufacture HAVC components, fabricate automotive parts or belong to any other industry, you can acquire premium CNC tooling services from us at cost-effective prices.

We understand that every business has different needs. To help industrialists successfully execute their projects, we provide them with customized machinery. From designing brand new machinery specific to our clients' requirements to modifying existing ones, our professionals have expertise in all areas of designing and producing industrial tools and supplies.

We offer full-service, full-time machine design services, including but not limited to CNC Machining, WEDM, CMM Inspections, and Reverse Engineering.

Need for Machine Shop

Are you confused about deciding whether you should invest in machinery or not? If your answer to any of these questions is a 'yes', you certainly need to get in touch with a design and machine shop in Nevada:

  • You aren't satisfied with your company's current production rate
  • Your industrial operations take a longer time to complete and aren't equipped with cutting-edge technology
  • You need to reduce downtime and improve the accuracy and throughput of the machine
  • Your industrial needs have evolved, and you need to optimize and upgrade the machinery according to your current needs.

Why Us

Extensive Material Options

We offer our clients endless combinations of materials, tolerances, and finishes. You can choose any material, and we'll be ready to help you get your desired machine without exceeding the deadlines or compromising the quality of the product.

Safe Manufacturing

At MD Design & Automation, we design and build custom machinery for our clients and test them according to occupational safety guidelines to ensure maximum safety and security of your workers.


We understand that transparency is critical to developing a long-term and trustable relationship with our clients. We keep our clients informed about the project's direction at every step. We keep you in the loop and maintain strong communication and coordination within our team to mitigate errors and ensure seamless project execution.

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Whether you're looking for a company that could provide you with CNC prototypes, mass production of machines, or small-batch machining, we assure you that our team offers all services in all these areas.

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