Dimensional CMM Inspections

MD Design & Automation offers only the finest quality machined products. With quality control systems in place throughout our production process, we ensure that each component that leaves our machine shop will meet the most demanding specifications. Our fully equipped quality lab provides you peace of mind, and guarantees a precise, high-quality component. Our multiple contact system provides accurate, precise measurements, whether you're wanting a first article inspection, capability study, statistical analysis or if your interests lie in reverse engineering.

Our CMM inspection processes verify completed parts are within the customer’s blueprint and specification requirements, each and every time.

How we do it?

Our experienced team ensures that our machining process creates parts that match your designs’ dimensional requirements, giving you the highest quality components possible. Our technicians are certified, and our Inspection Equipment is always ready to provide fast and accurate readings.

Attention To Detail
CMM Fixture

CMM Fixtures & More

As seen above, we create high quality CMM Fixtures for many applications. If you have the need for a CMM fixture, please give us a call. We'll discuss your project, and provide a fast and accurate estimate. Or, simply use our Request For Quote Form.

Design, Machining, Reverse-Engineering & More

Check out our other services. We design, machine, and finish a variety of materials, and can assemble a variety of components.