Wire EDM

Precision CNC machining has helped industries to ensure accuracy in their manufacturing while being efficient. Almost all the precision machining processes involve pressure and vibration, which may lead to the deformation of the material. However, manufacturing industries use a special type of CNC machining called Wire EDM to work in fragile portions of a mechanical component.

Wire EDM or Wire Electrical Discharge Machining is a manufacturing process that involves discharging electrical components through a wire to cut through the desired shape from a piece of manufacturing material, typically metal. The wire used in the process is usually made up of brass and is inclined to form ties and cut plates according to a particular industry's specified design.

MD Design and Automation has an accumulated experience of over 100 years in precision machining & manufacturing for clients not just in the United States but in different parts of the world, including all of Europe. We can provide modern and effective procedures of Wire EDM to forge even the most delicate machined parts and eyelets to fit your industrial needs.

We use top-drawer CNC EDM machining for manufacturing parts in compliance with the original prototype even when they're non-conducive to conventional machining procedures. Our modern EDM technology works according to the blueprint moving in the X and Y axis—generating sparks to produce the desired shape.

Our expert Wire EDM services are known for providing a budget-friendly price and a fast turnaround for manufacturers of all industrial sectors—helping them save time and increase productivity. With several passes, wire EDM is also vital in achieving a mirror-like finish for the end product.

We're based in West Bend, Wisconsin—with our range of services extending all over the United States, South America, Canada, and across Europe. Get a quote for Wire EDM machining services or call us at +1 262-338-1982 to have a conversation with a real person.

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