Precision Machining & Manufacturing

Manufacturing enterprises in Oklahoma require high-quality design and CNC machining services. At MD Design & Automation, we offer our expertise to these companies.

Thanks to advanced technological tools such as precision grinding machines, we can tailor components according to the client's requirements. The machine designing and manufacturing process involves different materials and conductive and non-conductive parts. Precision machining can be used manually or through CNC software.

Our team at MD Design & Automation leverages 100 years of combined experience to provide Oklahoma's finest precision machining and manufacturing services.

Our precision grinding capabilities include:

Redesign and Reverse Engineering Services in Oklahoma

Many projects process reverse engineering and redesigning. We use high-quality machines to improve components and redesign products to satisfy our customers. Our engineers have extensive knowledge of all the available materials.

We can also find the replacement for the client's machines that may no longer be available in the market. Our team will remove the broken parts, replace them with new materials, and redesign the component. This gives MD Design and Automation a leading advantage in the market.

Our team is also equipped with 3D CAD printing machines that assess the product's dimensions and re-engineer the prototypes in a short amount of time.

We Take Your Business to the Next Level

Our professionals have deep expertise in dealing with complex and intricate prototype design projects. We have a team of certified machinists and engineers who will take your business to the next level by creating high-quality custom machines for you.

MD Design and Automation takes pride in contributing to the national GDP of Oklahoma by helping businesses grow. We take on small and large projects, and regardless of the scope, we treat our clients like royalty.

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If you're in Oklahoma, looking for a team of professional and experienced experts providing prototyping services, you can count on MD Design & Automation. We use CNC production, CAD model and prints, wire EDM, jig grinding, and much more.

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