MD Design & Automation is a full-service Design and Machine service provider offering unmatched custom part prototyping, manufacturing, machining, and automation services for companies in Nebraska and several other US states.

Commitment to Excellence

MMD Design & Automation is a family-owned and operated company based in West Bend, Wisconsin, providing state-of-the-art design and machine services across Nebraska and several other US states.

We work together to simplify industrial processes, boost their speed, production, and quality, and help industries keep up with the consistently evolving manufacturing trends and systems. We have an experienced team of engineers and technicians onboard who design, prototype, reverse-engineer, lathe, grind, and inspect several different types of projects with utmost dedication, accuracy, and excellence. We typically use CNC tools, Wire EDM, and CMM equipment to maintain accuracy in all our projects and have a good command over manual methods, so we can use them when there's a need.

Our Mission

To create unique and customized products and solutions for businesses from all types of industrial backgrounds and become the biggest supplier of industrial parts and prototypes in the US and other European countries.

We believe that every project we receive from our clients represents their trust in our services, and we make every effort to make sure they're fully satisfied with our services. We help our clients improve their operational efficiency by analyzing their systems and providing them with the right tools to improve them according to the current industrial standards.

Our Mantra

Our mantra is "listen, design and deliver." This is exactly how we work with our clients. We first conduct a meeting with our clients to understand their needs and specifications and then provide them with a quote. Upon confirmation, we make the most experienced workers in our team, who have worked for a similar industry, and then start the manufacturing process. During every project, our primary focus is to make sure your money, time, and resources aren't wasted, and you get exactly what you expect from us.

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Since our inception in 1996, MD Design and Automation, we're creating value for all our business partners, clients, supporters, and workers. We're not just a company, we're a family, where every employee is treated with equal respect and every client gets equal priority and quality of service. We keep our employees happy to make sure they're working on your project with full attention and dedication.

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