About Our Services in Ohio

At MD Design and Automation, we offer diversity in our services that span the entire manufacturing spectrum: design, prototype, and short-run production machining, metal fabrication, metal repair, electrical assembly, and testing. MD Design & Automation has experience in many forms of manufacturing, including CNC (computer numeric control) machining, wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM), manual milling (CNC or manual), parts production, and repair, and much more.

MD Design & Automation provides manufacturing services to a variety of industries involving; automotive, heavy construction equipment; industrial machine design; HAVC equipment; custom machine tool part fabrication; robotics assembly, and production. We’re also one of the leading CNC machining and prototyping service in Ohio.

MD Design and Automation has a proven track record of success in the competitive world of machine design and prototyping. Our company's reputation for manufacturing excellence is built on a foundation of expertise, innovation, reliability, quality, and fast turnaround time. We have earned an outstanding reputation for providing high-quality products with efficient service for our customers throughout the United States.

What Do We Offer?

MD Design and Automation's value proposition is not limited to machine design. We offer a complete package of services that go beyond the typical one-time cost of your machine or prototype. We offer comprehensive engineering and technical support, as well as our own in-house manufacturing capabilities that give you complete control over your entire project.

MD Design and Automation has a staff of in-house engineers that have designed hundreds of custom-built machines, tooling systems, and prototypes. We have access to outside engineering expertise to assist us on the most challenging projects.

SolidWorks and CAD

In addition to our own engineering capabilities, we also offer full design support through our partnership with SolidWorks. SolidWorks is the world’s leading solid modeling software for product development. We provide 3D CAD files for machining through SolidWorks. MD Design and Automation can utilize your existing design data from SolidWorks, or we can work with you to improve your existing designs using modern tools such as 3D scanning technology.

Our Reputation is Unmatched in The Industry

MD Design and Automation is built upon the experience of its owners and staff. Since 1996, we have been involved in creating custom machine design and prototyping solutions for our clients, who have demanded the highest level of quality and service in our industry. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, technology, and customer satisfaction has made us one of America’s top custom machine design companies. Our knowledge of machining technology, production methods, and materials is unparalleled.

If you’re looking for professional and expert CNC prototyping in Ohio, we can help you. We also offer CMM Measurement & Inspection Services , CNC Machining Services, Gage Work, Jig Grinding, Jigs & Fixture Manufacturing, Precision Grinding, Prototyping Services, Robotics, Specialized Replacement Parts, Wire EDM, Short Run/Long Run Production, reverse engineering machine parts, and much more.

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