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MD Design & Automation is a full-service, short-run Design and Machine Shop, located in beautiful West Bend, Wisconsin. We work closely with our clients, partnering with companies across Wisconsin, the Midwest, the United States, and internationally, providing fast, efficient, & affordable design, machining, and inspection services. We design, reverse-engineer, prototype, machine, grind, lathe, inspect, and finish a variety of projects using manual methods, as well as Computer Numeric Control (CNC), Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (WEDM), and Coordinate-Measuring Machine (CMM).
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Our Mission

MD Design & Automation precisely and systematically creates unique products and solutions to ensure our clients’ operations and products run smoothly, safely and efficiently.

We're Not Just A Partner... We're Family

Founded in 1996 as a family-owned and operated company, Mike & Mary of MD Design & Automation truly care about their employees, our valued clients, and the quality of the solutions they offer. Our family of experienced professionals are the key component of our company's success. With over 100 years of combined experience, sound industry expertise, and our detailed management of every project, we produce and deliver the highest quality products at an affordable price. You might say, "Quality is in our DNA."
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We Guarantee each and every project we build. If you aren't satisfied, we'll replace the parts.

We take design and machining seriously!
We listen, design, & deliver.

Once we understand the specifications, we'll provide you with an accurate quote. When the ink is dry, we'll manufacture and deliver the project on time and on budget, then follow-up to ensure you're happy with our work.
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What Do We Do?

Design: We manufacture components for numerous markets, to your exact specifications. We'll complete the design for you, or utilize your existing plans to produce high-quality products.

Full Service Machining: We are a full service short run machine shop, providing a variety of services, including CNC Machining, Wire EDM, CMM Inspections & More.

Reverse Engineering: Our experience provides the ability to accurately reverse engineer almost any product or 3D object. We work in a variety of materials.
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How we do it?

We do everything we can to make our customers happy, as we were founded on one premise. "We provide great, not just good, products & customer service."

Delivering high quality parts is a process. With our experience, we follow specific steps to ensure you get the product you want, when you want it, at an affordable price.

MD Design & Automation is our preferred source for short run quality parts & service. Mike and his team, go above and beyond.

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Our History



We are currently pursuing ISO 9001:2015 certification, with the intent of our receiving the certification audit this Fall, in September of 2018. Organizations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. While we always have produced quality, certification will provide validation that we produce high-quality products for our customers.



In October, MD Design & Automation became a member of the Tool, Die, & Machining Association of Wisconsin, and in December, we acquired a new HAAS VF4SS. With these new developments, we continue to increase quality and streamline operations, shortening turnaround time on projects. Through constant analysis of our processes, and feedback from our valued clients, we're delivering product faster than ever, and increasing client satisfaction.

West Bend Location


Outgrowing our previous location due to significant growth of our business, MD Design & Automation relocated to their new, 12,000 square foot facility in West Bend, Wisconsin. The facility also has approximately 15,000 square foot of expansion.

Haas VF-6SS


MD Design & Automation enhanced our service offering by upgrading our CNC capacity, with the addition of the Haas VF-6SS, Super-Speed Vertical Machining Center.

MoriSeki NL2500 Turning Center


MD Design & Automation added the capacity for high quality "turning" with addition of the MoriSeki NL2500 Turning Center. This upgrade provided us with the ability to provide live tooling, sub-spindle, Y axis, Parts catcher X10.2" x Y2.9" x Z31.3" Bar Work Ø3.1" Max. turn Ø14".

Fanuc WEDM


We acquired our Fanuc α1ID-12" Wire EDM, (Travel X23.6" x Y15.75" x Z12.2" (Max. Workpiece- X41.3" x Y32.2" x Z12.2") AWF, Wire Size .010" & .012")

Fanuc WEDM


We added the second Haas VF-2SS.

Doubled Our Space


We doubled our shop square footage in December of 2005 after acquiring the space next to our first location in Germantown.

Vertical Milling Center


We obtained our first Haas VF-2SS, Vertical Milling Center. It provides a travel of: X30" x Y20" x Z20", Super Speed 12,000rpm Spindle, Through Spindle Coolant



We acquired our Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), a Brown & Sharp Chameleon 765 with PC-DMIS CAD++. This machine provided us with the ability to provide product to Dimensions: 700mm x 600mm x 500mm or 27.56” x 23.62” x 19.69”, with a weight capacity to Weight Cap: 2500 lbs.

Menomonee Falls Location


MD Design & Automation was founded by Mike Daul, and was based on providing exceptional products & customer service, based on his broad range of experience in a variety of tool and die, and manufacturing positions. He created this high volume job shop and short run production facility, dedicated to quality work, timely delivery, and cost efficiency.

He got his start working in job shops, and gained valuable experience in the tool and die business. Becoming an apprentice, he learned first-hand what it takes to be successful in design, production, and business, and took this experience to start his own company. Mike has worked for over 35 years in the business.

MD Design was founded using Mike's broad base of technical experience and his commitment to creating a job shop and short run production facility dedicated to quality work, timely delivery, and cost efficiency.

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Your Partners In High Quality, Precision Machining & Manufacturing.