MD Design & Automation is a leading Design and Machine service provider that offers turnkey custom part prototyping, automation, machining, and manufacturing of industrial systems at cost-effective rates.

Our Mission

At MD Design & Automation, our mission is to provide you with convenience and help you make your industrial operations as seamless and efficient as possible. We want to help you conduct extensive industrial operations with no risks or financial losses.

We believe technology is a blessing for all, and every industry worldwide, regardless of its scale or size, should leverage cutting-edge technology to smartly and efficiently run its daily operations. We understand that automating your processes can be a significant challenge for companies, especially if they’re using traditional methods to conduct operations in their industrial facility. This is where we can help you!

What We Do

From WEDM and Reverse Engineering, CMM Inspections, and CNC Machining, we offer all kinds of product and equipment designing and manufacturing services.

IWe don’t just create jig grinding, gauge work, prototypes, jigs, and fixtures; we also offer repair and maintenance services to make sure that your operations don’t come to a halt when a machine fails to work. We manufacture specialized replacement parts for our clients and keep you in the loop when we’re at the designing, drawing, or production stage.

Whether you belong to the medical field, run a food service company, manufacture consumer products or run a transportation, mining, or aerospace business, we can help you improve your processes by creating exclusively designed and customized products for you that fit your industrial requirements. We have experience in working with an extensive range of materials, including different types of steel, alloys, and plastics.

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We have an experienced and highly qualified design and manufacturing team who can deliver you innovative products in a short time.

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