MD Design & Automation is a complete Design and Machine service provider striking the ideal balance between technological innovation and universal compatibility.

What We Offer

MD Design & Automation offers industry-leading CNC machining and reverse engineering solutions to businesses from all types of industries. Our company can help you combat and mitigate all types of challenges that you may encounter during product development and manufacturing.

From machine part manufacturing and prototyping to custom-build, repair, and maintenance, our company specializes in all types of design, automation, and manufacturing services. Whether you’re a private consumer, operate a startup, or run a well-established business in Kansas or any other US state, we can help!

At MD Design and Automation, we have a wide collection of manual as well as cutting-edge CNC machines and other state-of-the-art technological equipment that help us provide efficient, rapid, and high-quality prototyping and manufacturing solutions to clients from different industries.

With more than two decades of experience combined with our qualifications, expertise, and the use of the latest technological tools, we are more than capable of serving a diverse range of clients. If there’s something that can keep a company operating in the years ahead, it’s adaptability, flexibility, and the ability to transform and embrace innovation.

At MD Design and Automation, this is exactly what we do, and we do it with the utmost dedication, diligence, and commitment. We love what we do, and put all our efforts to make our clients happy and satisfied.

Our Mission

Automate Your Systems; Scale Up Your Business!

We aim to help companies reduce their dependency on industrial operators and financial costs, without compromising their productivity, performance, and profitability.

Whether you’re dealing with a skills shortage in your company, an aging workforce, or financial pressures, we can help you grow by providing you with industrial tools and parts that would help you speed up your industrial processes and reduce your dependency on manpower.

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