About MD Design and Automation

MD Design and Automation is one of the leading manufacturers of precision prototypes in California. Our core values are innovation, customer focus, teamwork, quality, and performance. We are a team-driven organization that provides you with the highest quality prototype solutions at competitive rates.

CNC Machining Services

Our CNC machining services are designed with precision in mind. We use the latest software to help us automate each step in the prototyping process. Our prototype-building process is seamless, creating prototypes as functional as they’re aesthetically appealing.

Our work ethic is one of our biggest strengths—we've been developing prototypes for quite some time. We’re truly dedicated to providing high-quality prototypes that reflect the qualities of our client's designs. We build your prototype precisely with the desired design qualities of your design in mind—helping you create a cohesive character for your product.

We Offer Full-Service Solution

At MD Design and Automation, we provide a full-service solution to our clients. We help them build a prototype based on their desired design requirements while providing a medium to support mass production of the same product. The prototyping process begins with an in-depth discussion so that we can understand your design's functional and aesthetic requirements.

Once we have this information, we use our experience and advanced technologies to build your prototype—making sure that it’s perfectly aligned with your design requirements. We use state-of-the-art CNC machines to ensure precision machining and effective prototyping. Our CNC machines are computer-controlled and help us produce high-quality prototypes that perform like actual products in the market.

We Offer Great Customer Service and Support

We provide our clients with comprehensive service and support from the very start of their prototype. We design fully functional and aesthetically appealing prototypes while securely holding the same design qualities of your original design.

At MD Design & Automation, we understand that our customers are the best judges of our success. We’ve created policies and procedures that ensure working with us is a positive experience for all involved.

We strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible about our business practices and products. Your confidence is important to us! We believe that customers should always have complete trust in the company they are doing business with and will honor our commitment to you by making sure your experience with MD Design & Automation is memorable and pleasurable.

We offer the highest quality products and services possible. If you’re looking for professional and expert CNC prototyping and machining in California, we can help you. We also offer  CMM Measurement & Inspection Services , CNC Machining Services, Gage Work, Jig Grinding, Jigs & Fixture Manufacturing, Precision Grinding, Prototyping Services, Robotics, Specialized Replacement Parts, Wire EDM, Short Run/Long Run Productionreverse engineering machine parts, and much more.

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