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The manufacturing world is constantly evolving, and companies are eager to produce custom designs and precise components. Even if you somehow manage to find a company that's using top-tier technology to manufacture tailor-made products, the costs are always too high and beyond your budget.

MD Design & Automation manufactures products at affordable price points for clients in the manufacturing industry. We've been in the business since 1966, which gives our team leverage over our competitors. We guarantee that our design will be to your exact specifications. If you're not satisfied with the product, our team can replace or redesign it for you!

Precision Grinding

Machine manufacturing requires immaculate precision. Even a tiny fraction of error can result in a malfunction. Our team recommends precision CNC machining services and jig grinding machines to ensure that the job is done right.

The CNC precision grinding machine is used for several things, including manufacturing a product, fabricating, and finishing the final product. These products are mostly made up of metal. The grinding machine consists of a spinning wheel that holds all the material for high tolerance.

CNC and manual turning services are also offered, which means that the grinding process is performed manually.

World-Class Design and Machining in Kentucky

Our professionals can take any idea and carry it from concept to production. Our company caters to small and large projects. We personalize each product to our client's specifications.

We take pride in our high-quality services and customer support. Our licensed technicians follow all the regulations of the state of Kentucky. Our mission is to help businesses across Kentucky get a competitive edge over their rivals in the industry.

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If you're in Kentucky, looking for a team of professional and experienced experts providing prototyping services, you can count on MD Design & Automation. We also CAD model and prints, wire EDM, jigs and fixtures, precision grinding, and much more.

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