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The mass manufacture of components is one of the most crucial parts of our modern industrial system. Producing a large volume of high-quality parts is critical to keeping the development and economic progress in check. To accomplish such a task, the industries need to ensure that the pieces being made are uniform in shape, dimension, and quality.

Prototyping is the first and foremost process to support the mass production of mechanical components. For effective production of a specific design, the parts need to be produced with precision and unparalleled quality—that too in a short amount of time to avoid disrupting the industry's productivity. Modern prototyping is carried out with the help of code and precision CNC machining.

MD Design and Automation is an internationally recognized provider of CNC prototype services—serving clients in the United States all the way to Europe. We leverage our accumulated experience of over 100 years in building designs and high-quality prototypes that ensure efficiency in each individual application.

We use modern procedures of full service cnc machining, 4 and 5 axis machining, reverse engineer machine parts, and CMM inspection to ensure perfection and high quality in all our machined prototypes for your specified needs.

Our prototyping process is tested to be streamlined and accurate as it passes through different levels of modern manufacturing, including 3D CAD models and prints, feeding the design to a computer that changes it into a command for the next stage of the precision CNC machining process.

At MD Design and Automation, we guarantee to forge your vision and dream into reality. Our technically skilled members, machines, tool, and software can bring almost any idea and product to life.

We're based in West Bend, Wisconsin—with our range of services extending all over the United States, South America, Canada, and across Europe. Get a quote for CNC prototype services or call us at +1 262-338-1982 to have a conversation with a real person.

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