About MD Design & Automation

MD Design & Automation was founded back in 1996 as a family-operated company; we care about our employees, valuable clients, and quality solutions. Our experienced experts are our most important asset, which makes our company successful, providing CMM Measurement & Inspection Services , CNC Machining Services, Gage Work, Jig Grinding, Jigs & Fixture Manufacturing, Precision Grinding, Prototyping Services, Robotics, Specialized Replacement Parts, Wire EDM, Short Run/Long Run Production, reverse engineering machine parts & precision machining services in New York.

What Do We Do?

Our design team has years of experience; we use state-of-the-art equipment that can increase productivity, shorten your design cycle, and help you deliver quality products to market quickly in the competitive New York market. If you need help with your design or development project, we can create an effective solution and transform your vision into a reality.

Our team works closely with our clients in New York to deliver efficient designs that look amazing and don't break the bank. Our fixture and jig design manufacturing services in New York include Large Assembly Design, 2D& 3D Solid Modeling, Cast & Plastic Part Design, Weldments, Mold Design & more. Whether you need a replacement part, a prototype, specialized robotics, or long and short-run parts, our experts can create quality products for your business.

We understand that the need for short lead-time, high quality, and on-time delivery is imperative to your business. Our expertise in applying lean manufacturing principles allows us to become an extension of your team. By working as a team with you, we can identify opportunities to eliminate waste and streamline our production process to deliver high-quality products on time and within budget.

Our Design Capabilities

With years of experience in the industry and state-of-the-art CAD (computer-aided design), we ensure quality assurance and the latest software to carry out each and every job perfectly every time. We pride ourselves in offering customers these capabilities:

  • We use only high-quality materials.
  • Every piece is cut, formed, and assembled to exacting specifications by highly skilled craftsmen, who have the experience and know-how to do so.
  • All parts are located where they need to be and installed by our experienced staff just hours after completing the job.
  • These capabilities enable us to deliver a superior product backed by our in-house quality assurance team and years of accumulated experience in the field.

SolidWorks and CamWorks

Our SolidWorks™ and CamWorks™ designers work very hard to meet your business requirements correctly. Whether it’s about making your whole automation system with numerous complexities, we assure you that our team will work with you very closely to manufacture and design the precise components you need.

Your CNC precision machining and manufacturing operators may receive their precision training virtually, which means you can save greatly on training costs. We are one of the leading CNC machining companies in New York.

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