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The rapid technological advancements in the manufacturing industry over the years have crossed the threshold of consumer demands. To meet this increased rate of consumerism, manufacturers are coming up with ideas and innovations to streamline the rapid production of high-quality products.

This has increased the need for industries to possess cutting-edge work-holding devices that save time and are also cost-effective—ensuring better production of quality products. This need for standard work-holding devices for production has made way for two prominent terms in the manufacturing industry—Jigs & Fixture.

Jigs & Fixtures are specially designed with precision machining & manufacturing to ensure that large components of workpieces in an industry are machined, assembled, and milled identically. Jigs & Fixtures are often used together for their combined application in an industrial setup—but they’re two separate machining tools with their designated features and purposes.

Jigs help guide a drill accurately through a machining workpiece to ensure accuracy in angle and positioning. Fixtures help hold a workpiece at the desired angle, location, or orientation to maintain manufacturing accuracy.

MD Design and Automation is a jig and fixture manufacturer—experienced in building and supplying machining tools to clients all over the US, South America, Canada, and Europe. We leverage our experience along with modern tools to craft heavy-duty and firm jigs and fixtures for your specified industrial needs.

With over 100 years of experience in the field, we’re proud to have worked as the top jigs and fixtures manufacturers for automotive, medical, mining, and other leading industries.

Our Jigs and Fixtures capabilities include:

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