CNC Tooling for the Electronics Industry

The manufacturing of parts for the electronics industry requires definite precision and experience to build a high-quality product to enhance the functioning of the end product. The make and break of an electronic machine depend on the perfection of these little parts. A slight difference in their manufacturing—and the whole final product can collapse.

Semiconductors, electronic and mechanical components, circuit boards, and any part that fits in an electronic assembly must be well designed and tested before sending out for application.

With over 100 years of combined experience, MD Design & Automaton has seen generations of technical and mechanical evolution and has adapted to the changes to maintain our reputation for precise manufacturing, CNC machining, manual milling & turning, and so much more. Our experts use modern methods to manufacture reverse engineering machine parts to be used in the electronic industry for electronic assembly support and various other functions.

Reverse engineering is a smart method of working backward from a design and making relevant adjustments in the component design of semiconductors—improving the whole structure of the component altogether.

Whether you need a single prototype or many reverse engineered machine parts, we promise to deliver quality every time. We use modern technology in our services—integrating design, jig & fixture manufacturing, CAD model and prints, precision CNC machining, Precision grinding and various other tested-for-quality methods in our manufacturing. With CMM inspection, we make sure every part that leaves our place is perfect for your industry.

Our expertise:

MDD Design & Manufacturing is ISO 9001:2015 registered—in service since 1996. We are based in beautiful West Bend, Wisconsin, and are considered one of the leading parts manufacturers for the automotive industry. We may be based in Wisconsin, but our services range across the United States over to Canada, South America, and Europe.

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