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As a Precision Machining & Job Shop, we offer a wide variety of services to make your business better. We develop new components, or replicate parts that replace OEM parts, meeting or exceeding original specifications. Our experience and advanced knowledge of machining allows us to continuously improve product quality, and our internal production process.

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MD Design Services
Jigs & Fixtures are used to position, hold, protect and organize components and subassemblies at all stages of the manufacturing process. They're essential for production to run smoothly. To avoid production halts or product defects, new jigs and fixtures must be rapidly designed, manufactured and deployed. We can help. Read More >
Computer Numeric Control (CNC) is the automation of machine tools that are operated by precisely programmed commands, offering precision machining. We operate machines from Bridgeport, Southwestern, Prototrak and Makino, providing a variety of capabilities. We have the right tools for your next job. Read More >
Our team of experienced professionals can produce complex shapes and holes, where the highest degrees of accuracy and finish are required. Our shop has two (2) Moore #3 Jig Grinder's, with 11" x 18 " Travel w/Sony LH-51 & .00005 Digital Readout. Read More >
We provide CMM inspections to determine and record dimensional size, location, and alignment, and to ensure products are meeting or exceeding specifications. We guarantee our work, and take on projects big and small. Read More >
With careful handling, properly working gages can contribute significantly to a manufacturer's productivity. We design, produce and evaluate the gages we produce, to ensure they work perfectly in your unique environment. Read More >
Wire EDM lends itself to some of the closest machining tolerances available today. We are proud to offer the benefits of exact cutting, and our clients are often amazed by each piece we produce, manufacturing pieces from our state-of-the-art wire EDM machines. Read More >
If you’re in need of a simple proof of concept or a full pre-production build, our team of talented fabricators, combined with our sophisticated tools, such as our 3 and 5 axis milling machines, surface grinders, lathes, saws, and finishing equipment, can quickly build your next project. We enjoy and welcome client collaboration, problem solving, and guarantee a "better" prototype. Read More >
We repair equipment for many markets, including, but not limited to the underground and service mining, aerospace, transportation, a food processing industries. Our shop can handle almost any repair job, both small and large runs. Read More >
Do you need a part that is no longer manufactured, or need a special part? If a project or operation calls for custom or specialized equipment, our custom machine manufacture and fabrication services can assist our customers in all stages of the task, from concept to production. Read More >
Our technicians can take your idea from dream to reality. We'll consult with you to understand your needs, design an create a full drawing, and produce the project in-house in our new facility. Read More >
For several decades, we have offered short run manufacturing services to help our customers meet their daily demands. Whether you’re facing a tight deadline or you’re short on inventory, we can manufacture the parts needed to further your success. Long run may be available depending on the project.Read More >
We have the ability to design, manufacture, and repair many types of robotic and automation components, including both machine-tending and collaborative robots. Read More >

Precision Services With Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our experienced team will ensure you receive the best product and services, on time and at a competitive price point. Here are a few of the services we offer. If you have questions, give us a call.

Reverse Engineering

What is Reverse Engineering?

Reverse Engineering is the process of taking a finished product and reconstructing design data in a format from which new parts or molds can be reproduced. Let's discuss your next project.

Redesign & Reverse Engineering

MD Design & Automation's expertise in redesign & reverse engineering has helped many customers bring new life to their machines, and has helped them improve their business.

We build one-of-a-kind replacement parts for customer's machines, because the machine's replacement parts are no longer in production. We also create contemporary, easy-to-use permanent molds, replacing old and rotted wood molds for concrete and plaster designs.

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Focus On Quality

The manufacturing process today requires us to move quickly, accurately and efficiently. Our success requires us to deliver quality and service - day in and day out. We have established quality standards that require us to stringently monitor all projects and to ensure standards are met on every part we produce as well as every service we offer including jig grinding, precision grinding, and full-service CNC tooling and grinding in Wisconsin.

Quality standards start with our design area. We offer a full range of services using the latest software for importing CAD files and scanning parts. We can quickly download a full complement of Native CAD files and DMIS formats. In addition, we have a direct computer control measuring machine allowing us to inspect high-tolerance parts and produce printed reports for analysis. We can also scan parts with CMM and import these files for electronic file purposes, then import into CAM package for machining. We can then import the data back into PC-DMIS, and this file can now be used as a master to inspect the machined part.

Our #1 Quality Solution Program includes a mandatory first piece inspection, constant in-process inspection and a final detailed inspection using a standard lot process.
These checks are backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee: If the part does not match your specification, you don't pay, and we will gladly replace the part!

Jig & Fixture

MD Design & Automation designs and manufactures precision jigs and fixtures for varying applications in the manufacturing/production line. Our highly skilled, dedicated and experienced engineering experts are able to design customized solutions to meet the differing requirements for various industries, based on your specifications. We manufacture precision parts for many markets, including the transportation, automotive, food processing, medical, mining, precision engineering industries, and more.

CMM Fixture

CNC Machining

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machining is capable of repeatedly producing complex 3D shapes, that would be impossible to achieve with manual machining, offering unparalleled precision for producing metal and plastic parts. We combine the latest CNC machining and turning processes with our over 100 years of combined experience to deliver high quality, on-demand parts.


Jig Grinding

Whether the job is internal diameter (ID) grinding, outside diameter (OD) grinding, surface grinding, jig grinding, planetary grinding, or CNC grinding, the highly skilled MD machinists will deliver quality results on individual pieces, or batches of hundreds. We work with ferrous metals, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, and more. We'll meet your engineering specifications and deliver the precise results you expect.

Jig Grinding

CMM Inspections

Our Dimensional Inspection services are complete with a Ultra High Accuracy - Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), as well as a full range of precision dimensional measurement instruments. We are able to provide precision measurements in a timely and efficient manner. Our CMM has the capacity of inspecting parts of differing sizes and weight.

CMM Inspections

Gage Work

We provide a variety of Gage work, including but not limited to inner diameter (ID), outer diameter (OD), and plug gages, and most Go/No-Go gaging. We develop gages for a number of industries including manufacturing, labs and building processes. We can develop gages at a variety of price points, and always guarantee the quality of our work. If you're ever not completely satisfied with a product, we'll replace it.

Gage Work

Wire EDM

Whether prototypes production runs, MD design & Automation offers wire EDM services to match your requirements, and exceed your expectations. Since no cutting forces are present, wire EDM is ideal for delicate parts, and no additional tooling is required, so delivery times are short. With multiple passes, wire EDM can also achieve a mirror-like finish.

Wire EDM


Our design & manufacturing team has been strategically trained to build high-quality prototypes. Partnering with us, we'll collaborate with you on your project, ensuring the right materials are used for each individual application. We can help you design or manufacture your vision. Our new, modern shop is equipped with the skilled team members, software, hardware, machines & tools needed to bring almost any new product and idea to life.


Repair Work

When run-down or broken equipment creates a problem for your machinery or facility, our repair services are ready to get you up and running again. Serving clients in multiple industries, we offer part inspection and repair services. We also develop and manufacture custom special machinery, tools, dies, and other parts needed for maintenance and repair. We possess the knowledge and tools to replace and recreate original and obsolete equipment from drawings, sketches, as well as most file types, including SolidWorks™ and CamWorks™ .

Repair Work

Specialized Replacement Parts

Do you need a part that's out of production, or out of stock, and you just can't wait? We can help. Our team has years of experience in creating specialized replacement parts, for many applications and many industries. Contact Us today.

Replacement parts

Design to Full Drawing to Production

As a full-service shop, we'll partner and work with you to define your specifications, and design the product you want and need. From medical to mining, we can design your tool, create a full-drawing, and manufacture it in our new facility. Get in touch with us, to discuss your next idea.


Short Run / Long Run Production

For several decades, we have offered short run manufacturing services to help our customers meet their daily demands. Whether you’re facing a tight deadline or you’re short on inventory, we can manufacture the parts needed to further your success. Long Run production may be available as per project. Give us a call today.

Short Run


Our skilled technicians can assist in the development, repair, and manufacture of high-end robotic and automation equipment. We can assist keeping your machine-tending robots operational during off-hours, nights, & weekends, adding capacity to your production. We can also design, manufacture and repair Collaborative robots, or "Cobots", using sensing technology that enables them to function alongside your human employees in a shared work environment.