Missouri is a hub for many of the Fortune 500 manufacturing industries in the US. The manufacturing companies require high-quality design and machining equipment. Our team of experts at MD Design & Automation offers their expertise to industrial manufacturing clients.

Even the slightest errors in manufacturing products can cause massive challenges and heavy losses. We ensure that the machines we design and manufacture are immaculate and error-free. Customers are our number one priority. We guarantee their satisfaction and offer redesign and reverse engineering services to deliver high-quality components that meet our clients' specifications.

MD Design & Automation has been successfully operating since 1966. We owe our success to our staff members' experience and customer service. We manufacture and deliver exceptional products at affordable price points.

Jig Grinding Service All Across Missouri

Jig grinding tools help manufacturing companies enhance their production rates and the quality of the finished product. The CNC precision machining reduces the likelihood of errors and defects previously prevalent due to manual machining.

Before the invention of CNC precision software and jig grinding, manual tools required heating that caused the material to melt, affecting the accuracy of the product. The deformity in the shape results in errors in the manufacturing process. These effective tools have made the process more effective and efficient.

We offer the following jig grinding services in Missouri:

We Offer the Best Customer Service

We understand that customer service is vital for client satisfaction. At MD Design & Automation, our goal is to be as transparent and honest about our services as possible. We offer solutions using a 3D CAD model and print and other high-end measuring tools and gears.

We also utilize a vast range of jigs and fixture machines to design and create components. The most recent tools we've equipped our team with are CNC precision machines. At MD Design, we have a solution to all your needs.

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If you're in Missouri, looking for a team of professional and experienced experts providing prototyping services, you can count on MD Design & Automation. We use EDM machining, 4 and 5 axis machining, short-run machining, wire EDM, and much more.

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