MD Design & Automation is America’s leading design and automation service provider. We provide comprehensive manufacturing and prototyping services with outstanding customer support.

What We Offer

MD Design and Automation is a leading provider of customized product and industrial equipment manufacturing solutions, helping several organizations from diversified markets meet their industrial requirements.

Businesses from a wide range of industries can leverage our sophisticated design and build solutions to improve their turnaround time. With more than two decades of experience in designing, prototyping, and manufacturing special industrial equipment, we can proudly claim that there’s hardly an industry where we haven’t provided our services.

Since our inception in 1996, we’re making consistent efforts to evolve and become more productive for our clients. We leverage the latest technological tools to deliver our clients the best services design and automation services in Rhode Island.

If there’s one thing we have learned during all our years of service, it’s that there’s no “one size fits all” solution in this industry. Even if two businesses come belong to a similar industry, their design and machining needs will be different. Because of this reason, we conduct comprehensive meetings with all our clients and discuss their expectations, project plans, engineering drawings, and their concept behind developing a product. After a thorough discussion, we start working diligently, maintaining complete transparency throughout project execution.

Our Mission

At MD Design and Automation, our mission is to help industries in Rhode Island and other US states, improve their product development processes to improve their industrial profitability. We aim to transform the US’s manufacturing industry and help industries fully automate their systems.

To fulfill our goals and mission, we have a highly qualified and professional team of engineers, product designers, and workers onboard, who’re renowned among our clients for their expertise in handling complex projects. We’re proud of having the most capable, experienced, and qualified team in the US.

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We’re experts in prototyping, product design, and testing, helping our clients introduce new products and manufacture them with strict compliance with quality control standards.

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