Tool, Die & Machining Association Of Wisconsin

Tool, Die & Machining Association of Wisconsin

West Bend, WI, October 3, 2018 -- MD Design & Automation is proud to announce membership to the Tool, Die & Machining Association of Wisconsin.

Located in Germantown, Wisconsin, The purpose of the Tool, Die & Machining Association (TDMAW) is to promote the growth and general welfare of the tool, die and machining community in Wisconsin through professional education for its members, workforce development initiatives and networking opportunities.

It’s exciting that we are members of the TDMAW. Membership offers options for workforce development and networking, advertising and scholarship opportunities, as well as a forum where we can benefit from communication with industry leaders.
- Mike Daul, Owner, MD Design & Automation

As members, we abide by the following TDMAW Core Values:


Passion for Industry

We believe all members should enthusiastically demonstrate machining excellence, development of their companies and their employees for the betterment of Wisconsin.


We believe that all members exhibit moral and ethical standards that will foster trust between employees and employer, as well as maintain strong relationships between member businesses.

Pride in Workmanship

We believe TDMAW members will consistently strive to produce the highest quality goods to exceed customer expectations and to uphold the outstanding reputation of TDMAW.

Advancement through Education (Member Representative, employees, future employees)

We believe in providing quality educational programming to enhance the member experience. Such programming includes training with such depth and breadth to not only grow the Member Representative, but also his/her fellow employees and the future employees of the industry.


As a TDMAW member, I will develop relationships with other TDMAW members to share best practices and to help other members succeed.

The blend of various activities, such as plant visits, seminars, and networking outings that TDMAW offers, will enhance our overall business initiatives going forward. If you want to learn more about TDMAW, contact us today. or visit the TDMAW ( website.