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The Dummies’ Guide to High-Speed EDM Hole Drilling

Electrical Discharge Machining drilling, or more commonly known as EDM drillings, is much more complex than your typical drilling to create a hole. High-speed EDM hole drilling was invented to create fast and accurate holes, whether deep or small. Due to certain complexities, holes that were previously impossible to drill are now being drilled quite easily using highspeed EDM.  

If you’re confused about EDM hole drilling or how the machines work, here is a complete guide to explain the process and equipment used in EDM hole drilling.

How Does an EDM Machine Work

EDM machine drilling is configured to create accurate surface holes, regardless of how hard the workpiece is. When an EDM drilling machine is in motion, the material is removed from the workpiece through rapid electrical flow between two electrodes, separated by a dielectric liquid. One is known as the tool electrode, and the other is called the workpiece electrode.

The dielectric liquid plays an important role as it washes away any electrode particles from the cut. For an EDM drilling machine to function properly, you’d need adequate dielectric fluid such as kerosene oil or transformer oil. Apart from washing away any remaining electrode particles, it also serves as a coolant for the workpiece and acts as an insulator between the tool and the drilled material.

EDM Drilling Applications

EDM has revolutionized the way we drill holes and is now used in a variety of applications. It is commonly used in jet engines, where rows of small holes are needed along the edges of turbine blades. Gas flows through those small holes, which ensure that the engines efficiently utilize the high pressure of the gas. It is also used extensively in the automobile industry to drill holes in the fuel injection nozzle of vehicles.

If you have blunt tools in your workshop, you can use EDM to sharpen them up. It is also used to produce internal threads on workpieces. However, keep in mind to only use electrically conductive material while EDM drilling. Any other material won’t be effectively drilled.

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Advantages Of EDM Drilling

There are several advantages of this modern, high-speed drilling method. First, they can create holes on any surface which is conductive to electricity. If a workpiece is complex or has an irregular shape, you can use EDM to successfully work on that, as it would be hard to cut them using conventional methods. EDM drilling machines can also drill hard materials to very close tolerances.

Furthermore, if you’ve got a small workpiece and need holes, then use EDM as conventional methods may damage your workpiece entirely. Moreover, as there is no contact between the workpiece and the EDM machine, it can create accurate holes in the weaker and delicate parts of the material. By using EDM drilling, you can ensure a good finish on your workpiece.

By now, you’d know that EDM drilling is quite useful in various applications as it can give you small holes, regardless of the workpiece, with great precision and accuracy. If you’re looking for a reliable partner for your EDM needs, then have a look at MD Design and Automation.

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