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How to Choose the Right EDM Drilling Machine?

EDM Drilling machines have become quite popular in industrial and mechanical applications. The ability to drill small, accurate and precise holes in difficult workpieces has made EDM drilling a popular choice amongst workshops and technicians. However, to achieve maximum operational efficiency, it is essential to choose the right EDM drilling machine.

So here are some tips for choosing the right EDM drilling machine so that you can consistently produce small holes that are accurate and produce high-quality surface finishes.

Fast, Reliable, and Simple

Look for an EDM machine that is fast in its operations, doesn’t break down often, and is simple to understand. An EDM drilling machine should be capable of creating small hole sizes with greater precision and accuracy. Look for a system that has the capability of producing holes as small as 2.5mm in diameter and 250 mm deep in metal or steel workpieces, with variations in size, and be straight as an arrow from entry to exit.

Furthermore, look for a machine that is not complicated and can be used by any technician in your workshop. Having complicated machinery will only cause unnecessary downtime and might increase your operational costs if you hire an expert to operate that machine. Simplicity is key!

Latest Digital Generator Technology

EDM drilling experts recommend choosing a system that has the latest digital generator technology. Having the latest digital generator technology gives your machine more precise spark control. This functionality is critical as it helps to minimize the wear caused by electrodes. To be called optimally efficient, a machine needs to create the maximum number of holes by using minimum electrodes. If a generator can help reduce electrode wear, it will enhance the productivity and life of the machine.

High-Quality Finishes

More and more industrial customers are demanding products to be of high quality. Therefore an EDM drilling machine needs to produce small holes with great precision and provide high-quality finishes. Your customers will not like the idea of doing further processes to bring the product up to their requirements. Therefore it is essential to get a good machine that has the capability of producing high-quality finishes.

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Ease Of Maintenance

Having a machine that is easy to operate and maintain is vital. You’d have probably spent a fortune in purchasing a high-quality EDM drilling machine. Therefore you wouldn’t want to get in the hassle of spending constant money to maintain it. Furthermore, if the machine ever faces any damages, wear and tear, you should find the necessary replacement parts or repair facilities at relative ease. It is not worth buying an expensive bit of machinery with no service or maintenance facilities available nearby.

Always look for reliable manufacturers and suppliers of EDM machinery as they will provide service and maintenance facilities more often than not. Furthermore, they will have spare parts in stock in case your machine needs a faulty part replaced.

Now you’d know that it is important to evaluate all your options before choosing the right EDM machine. Buying the right machine will give you high-quality finishes, smaller holes in rigid surfaces, and it will support you for a very long time. If you’re looking for a reliable partner for your EDM needs, then have a look at MD Design and Automation.

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