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Your Basic Guide to Precision Metal Stamping

It’s safe to say that metals are the backbone of almost every manufacturing firm.

Metals are sturdy materials that can form robust products, but only if you produce them the right way. The different chemical and physical properties of metals ensure that they can be used to produce many products. Since metals are found underground through mining, they aren’t available in specific shapes. Luckily metals can be converted into different shapes through a process known as metal stamping.

Here’s all you need to know about it.

What Is Metal Stamping?

Metal stamping is a process in which a flat sheet of metal is converted into a specific shape. The metal sheet is pressed with high force against a die to transform the metal. Modern metal stamping has inculcated computer numerical control (CNC) into the overall process. CNC metal stamping machines use data to make accurate dies that can produce complex shapes. Using CNC machines gives you the freedom to design your products and test them on computer-aided design (CAD) software.

If you’re looking to boost production efficiency, it’s better to get your CNC metal stamping machine designed and manufactured by a reputed firm.

What Are The Different Types Of Metal Stamping?

The vast variety of metal stamping can give you the flexibility to choose among them according to your needs. Here are two of the common types:

Progressive Die Stamping

During a progressive die stamping process, the machine consists of several stamping areas. The die moves along a conveyor belt, and at each station, it gets stamped on a certain part. On every station, a different area of the die is stamped, and this way, the perfect product is created. This process saves a lot of time and releases the lowest waste, making it environmentally friendly.

Four Slide Stamping

During four-slide stamping, the metal sheet is stamped by a four-slide shaft. This is mainly used to create complex products which need to be stamped at all corners. The four-slide shaft uses four different tools simultaneously to shape the metal sheet accurately. Since the metal sheet doesn’t have to be transported for this method, it’s relatively inexpensive, and wastage is also minimized.

The Benefits Of Using Metal Stamping

Since the modern metal stamping process uses CNC machines, this increases automation and decreases labor costs. The use of CNC machines has not only increased efficiency but also boosted the pace of production. The amplified automation has also led to minimizing human errors. The CNC metal stamping technique can produce sophisticated objects through computerized measurements.

The days are gone when a manufacturing company would use a basic metal stamping machine. If you want to ensure your product’s quality, you need to switch to CNC metal stamping machines.

A metal sheet ready to be stamped.

Design Metal Stamping Machines Today

Metal stamping has revolutionized the production of metal products. If you’re looking to reap the benefits of CNC metal stamping machines, get them designed and manufactured by MD Design & Automation. They’ve been designing machines since 1996 and have developed a six-step process to ensure timely delivery of the machines. They can also reengineer your existing machines and conduct CMM inspections,precision machining & manufacturing, Precision grinding, precision cnc machining services, Jig grinding too.

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