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An injection molding machine injecting plastic.

Why Choose Injection Molding?

It’s no secret that companies prefer manufacturing processes that support mass production. Producing goods at a large scale can increase productivity and lead to lower costs. One effective method of producing a large number of products is injection molding.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What Is Injection Molding?

Injection molding is a process that starts with the creation of the mold. The mold is created from plastic or metals such as aluminum, steel, and brass. Once the mold is finalized, it’s transferred to a heated tub. The hot molten material is then pushed into the mold cavity, which is a hollow prototype of the product you want. Once the mold is pushed into the cavity, it’s cooled down to solidify; your product is then ready.  

Benefits Of Injection Molding?

Here are some of the advantages of injection molding:

High Production Rate

In today’s fast-moving world, everything needs to happen in the blink of an eye. If your production is too slow, your competitor can take over the market. Injection molding can help you get ahead of your competitors as it only takes fifteen to twenty seconds to complete one cycle of production. Moreover, the high production rate doesn’t mean that the quality is being compromised. Even with the process being extremely fast, the product created is of top quality.

Raw Strength

Injection molding conducted with metals consists of raw strength due to their chemical properties. However, if you’re using plastic molding, your end product might not be as strong as you’d want it to be. Luckily you can use carbon, glass, and other fibers as fillers to enhance the strength of your final plastic product.

The strong products made from injection molding can be used in industries such as aerospace, transportation, and construction, which use goods that are robust and durable.

Ability To Use Different Materials

If you’re using plastic injection molding, you can have the flexibility to choose different plastic materials and various colors for your product. You can use co-injection molding where you can inject various materials simultaneously.

Low Running Costs

Closeup of a customized injection molding machine.

The upfront costs of injection molding can indeed be high, but firms still prefer this process due to low running costs. Since the whole process is automated, only a handful of labor needs to be employed. The lack of human input in this process reduces the costs you’d have to incur due to human errors. Moreover, the use of computer-aided design (CAD) increases efficiency, which can minimize wastage costs.

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