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Types of Metals Used in Metal Stamping

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When metal is heated and forced into the shape by a malleable metal fluid, it can be stamped or formed. The most common kind of stamping is done using dies, which are usually made from different types of steel. To create these dies, the metal is typically cut into sections with high carbon content, such as cold-rolled steel or any other metal. Many types of metals can be used for this purpose. Let’s find out.

1. Aluminum

Aluminum is a well-known and commonly used metal in stamping. It’s incredibly strong and can even be made to look like other metals such as brass and copper. One of the best things about aluminum is that it’s affordable and holds up well in cold climates. It can also be used with parts that move since it will bend when struck often. The only downside to using aluminum is the fact that high temperatures will degrade its strength over time.

2. Brass

Brass has been used in casting for thousands of years, but only recently for stamping due to its durability, strength, and corrosion resistance. Unlike copper, which is soft and warm to the touch, brass is very cold and heavy. The primary benefit of brass over aluminum is that it offers a high-strength bond to other metals.

3. Steel

The most common kinds of steel used in stamping are alloy steels and non-alloy steels. The non-alloy steels are almost carbon-free and will not rust or tarnish, but they will rust if exposed to water. On the other hand, alloy steels do contain some carbon, but they can be easily cleaned when exposed to water. Using steel in stamping allows designers to create smooth, strong, and durable parts without additional coloring applied.

4. Copper

Copper is an excellent choice if designers want to create parts that won’t corrode or rust. It can be used to design products that often come into contact with water, but it isn’t always suitable for high-temperature applications. The downside to using copper is its price. It may cost more than other metals used in stamping because of the fact that it needs to be pure, which means there are no other materials mixed with it.

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