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Tips to Improve Your CNC Workflow

Do you wish your CNC parts were a perfect size every time? Do you feel like you need a professional to help with your workflow? If so, these five tips for improving your CNC workflow are for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new machine or just an upgrade to an older one— follow these tips to streamline your processes.

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Tuning Your Milling Head

One of the most critical pieces of any CNC workstation is at the very top, called a milling head, and it moves back and forth across a path. The amount that this milling head moves can be adjusted by loosening or tightening screws on either side. For instance, if there’s too much material taken off in one pass, the head is adjusted to take less the next time around.

By doing this, there will be no bottoming out when it hits the material because it doesn’t go as far. This is extremely important and helps ensure that the cutting tool never touches the base of the part because it will break. If you are going to be running more complex parts, you’ll want to make sure your milling head is adjusted correctly before beginning a project.

Use a Feeds and Speeds Calculator

When setting up your CNC machine for a specific cut, certain settings need to be entered in order for it works properly. These settings include the speed of the bit, the feed rate, and the depth of the cut. Most CNC machines come with a default setup that works, but for better quality parts, you should take a little time to experiment with different values. A good way to find these values is to use an online calculator.

Use an Engraving Bit

If you’re milling plastic or wood and want some cool-looking engravings on your part, it’s a good idea to invest in an engraving bit for your CNC machine. This bit will allow you to engrave a design on your part, and it’s easier than using an engraving knife because you don’t have to worry about cutting away a large excess of material.

Engraving tools are pretty simple, but unless they’re used correctly, they can cause problems. The problem with most people is they cut the material too slowly, which causes the pattern to be distorted. The best way to fix this is by either going a little faster or raising the cutting height slightly, so you don’t cut too deep into your workpiece. This can be done by adjusting your CNC machine’s control panel.

Invest in a Good Feeds and Speeds Calculator

As mentioned before, online calculators can be pretty helpful when adjusting the amount your CNC machine actually cuts. However, to get a more accurate reading, you should use a specific feed and speed calculator. This will give you the most accurate results possible. Depending on what type of miter saw you have, it should be tailored according to your needs.

Maintain Your CNC Machine

Finally, when it comes to the CNC machine that you use on a daily basis, you must know how to keep it running at its best. Most people don’t look at these machines the same way they look at their cars, and they certainly aren’t built to last like your car. If your milling machine starts having problems, try adjusting whatever it is that is not working properly until you find the right combination of things. This is important because small problems can add up over time, so be sure to keep an eye on your machine over time.

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