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Precision Machining: What Is Drilling?

Drilling is common, you might have a drill machine at your home which you use to create holes on walls or other wooden surfaces. However, drilling in an industrial sense is much faster and more complex. In precision machining, drilling can range from creating simple holes in surfaces to more complex multi-surface drilling.

Drilling in CNC Machining

When it comes to CNC machining there are a variety of ways to create a hole in the surface. You can use boring, countersinking, tapping, or reaming. However, drilling stands out because it is more economical and yields much better results than other methods. If you want deep holes created, then drilling is the process you should consider. Deeper holes are much more common nowadays due to the unique requirements of industrial customers.

Different drilling methods are modified according to the surfaces and requirements. Some of them are below:

  • Spot Drilling: This process involves creating shallow holes, which ensure that other longer drilling or boring tools remain intact for further drilling.
  • Peck Drilling: This process is used in drilling deeper holes, where metal ribbons called swarf are formed. The process drills the hole and removes it concurrently with the accumulated swarf.
  • Orbital Drilling: This is similar to boring where the drills move around the center of the hole to create a larger hole diameter.

Tools Needed for Drilling

The drill press is a piece of more extensive equipment used in industrial drilling, compared to the portable drill you might have at home. The equipment has a table to hold the workpiece and a head that moves the spinning drill in different directions.

Now, CNC machines are more complicated than a standard drill press: however, the basic functionality is the same. The following tools make up an industrial drill.

  • Head: The primary responsibility of this tool is to hold the spindle and move it in different directions during the drilling process.
  • Spindle: The tool that connects the chuck and head.
  • Chuck: this is the part that helps to grip the drill as it rotates.
  • Drill bit: the most important component in the drill press. This does the cutting bit and comes in a variety of shapes depending on the texture and size of the surface and type of hole being drilled.
ng in a wall

The drill bit plays an important role in the type of holes being drilled. If you want a stepped hole, then you can start with a larger drill bit and create a hole according to the desired diameter. Once you’ve completed the larger hole, you can use a smaller drill bit and create a hole with a smaller diameter. Other complex drill bits can be used to create angled surfaces or a chamfer.

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