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How is CMM Used in Quality Control

Throughout any organization, one of the most important and yet difficult tasks for any employee to manage is Quality Control. This consists of inspecting and ensuring that each product or service meets the company’s specific standards. This post will explain how CMM is used for the quality control process.

What is CMM?

A common model used to assess quality in organizations such as Toyota Manufacturing, called “the CMM”, is widely known but not always understood. The CMM is a framework that assesses an organization’s ability to provide high-quality products and services that consistently meet the needs of its customers. The improved ISO 9000 standard is often used in conjunction with CMM when defining quality guidelines.

How is CMM Used in Quality Control?

CMM is a quality framework that creates a framework that will allow companies to inspect and implement corrective actions towards their organization systematically. The objective of CMM is to measure the quality of a product or service across the entire organization. It starts with a baseline measurement and then uses statistical process control to identify any deviation from it. The goal of CMM is to have all products meet this baseline or standard so that there are few or no defects in them for customers to use. The CMM model focuses on improving the overall yield, scrap, rework, and other associated costs, leading to improved profitability for the company and increased customer satisfaction.

The Applications of CMM

The CMM model can be applied to any manufacturing (e.g., automotive, food manufacturing), distribution, service, and information technology (IT) organization. The quality control process works by creating a matrix between the current state and the targeted set point. The current state is the current product, while the targeted set point is the ideal or target that the management would like to achieve.

Things to Consider When Using CMM

To utilize CMM effectively, a company needs to have a well-defined quality system in place. To successfully implement a quality management system, a company should consider training employees on CMM basic concepts and creating forms for documenting problems and solutions. It should also focus on setting up implementation schedules that will help it reach its implementation goals.

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