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Can 3D Printing Disrupt Traditional Manufacturing?

3D Printing has been rapidly changing the way goods are manufactured, not only in small-scale production but also in large industrial applications. The automation and elimination of parts with the help of 3D printing have significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to produce finished goods. This blog post will discuss how 3D printing is affecting the modern manufacturing industry and improving traditional manufacturing.

Reduced Manufacturing Time

One of the most important aspects that 3D printing can improve in manufacture is reduced manufacturing time. 3D printing is allowing for the production of parts at a speed never seen before. One of the most notable uses of this technology is to produce a large variety of parts quickly and efficiently; not only for small-scale production but also for large industrial applications.

Increased Production Quality

Another must-have feature for many companies is the ability to maintain a greater level of production quality. Specifically, the manufacturing sector requires a high level of precision production that has been difficult to achieve with traditional methods.

By utilizing 3D printing technology, however, it is now possible to produce parts with high-quality standards at fast speeds. This leads to speedier production times and also safer conditions for workers since 3D printed parts are generally stronger than traditional injection-molded ones.

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No Injection Molding Bottlenecks

In the injection molding industry, it is difficult to make production easy for workers since many components must be produced for any one product. 3D printing eliminates much of this by allowing parts to be manufactured in only a single step, allowing you more time and efficiency for shipping and greater safety standards when working in the manufacturing environment.

Lower Costs

There are several ways that 3D printing has helped manufacturers lower the costs of parts while staying competitive. An example of this is the medical device sector. The use of 3D printing technology in this industry has allowed many companies to lower production costs because it allows them to create custom medical devices that fit an individual patient’s needs.

This can be done by using a person’s body measurements to create a custom 3D printed backplate for an individual in need of spinal surgery. Using traditional methods, it would be extremely difficult and time-consuming to create a degree of customization as high as the 3D printing method.

More Durable and Long-Lasting Products

Another great way that 3D printing technology is improving manufacturing is the ability to create parts with a greater level of durability. This is important because it helps employees avoid workplace injuries and also reduces worker costs. The creation of durable parts allows for better conditions in the work environment, which helps workers and improves safety standards. Long-lasting parts are also vital for the manufacturing industry, as they are highly important to decreasing labor costs in some cases as well.

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