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Closeup of brass products.

Brass CNC Machining: Is It Worth it?

Historically manufacturing machines were made from various kinds of metals. These metals have different properties that are beneficial for different production processes.

One such metal is brass that helps conduct CNC machining effectively. Unfortunately, the US Copper Association reports that US firms underestimate the productivity of brass by eighty-five percent. This negligence has led to the lack of use of brass in CNC machining even though it’s worth it.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Production In A Flash

Brass is a metal that offers high tensile strength and pure resistance. These properties help a CNC machine to maintain its speed for a long time. Brass also has a low coefficient of friction which makes it an ideal material for machines that will be used rigorously. It’s no secret that brass has outperformed several other metals due to its extreme performance. If you’re looking to boost your production, the brass CNC machining process should be your priority.

Boosts Productivity

The speed and the precision of brass CNC machining can boost productivity. Brass is an alloy of copper that is ductile and malleable. This means that you can change the shape and size of the machine’s parts made from brass. This reduces the need for buying different parts for different prototypes as you can use the same brass parts for multiple products.


The rate at which the world is being polluted is alarming. In 2020, the USA alone emitted sixty-eight million tons of pollutants. These shocking numbers are pushing manufacturing firms to adopt environmentally friendly measures and move towards sustainable growth. Brass CNC machining can help achieve sustainable production as it releases no harmful gases. Moreover, all the waste material generated from the process can be recycled, making it hundred percent efficient.

Maximum Resistivity

Manufacturing processes can take place in extreme environments. If your machine’s material can’t withstand the extreme temperatures, it’ll experience frequent wear and tear and require maintenance. Since brass is heat resistant, it can work adequately even in the presence of extreme temperatures. Moreover, brass is corrosion resistant which increases its life. The anti-rust characteristics of brass can decrease maintenance costs and remove the burden on your pocket. The high level of resistance delivered by brass can offer stability to the overall CNC machining process.

Closeup of Brass CNC machine.
Closeup of Brass CNC machine.

Get Brass CNC Machining Services Today

Brass CNC machining is worth it for your firm. If you’re looking to acquire it, visit MD Design & Automation today. We’ve been in this industry since 1996 and have served our clients by providing them with top-notch CNC machining services. We have a staunch six-step process to deliver your product. We not only manufacture machines but can also inspect your existing ones. Our team of experts are licensed and can carry out CMM inspection for you. We also conduct several other processes, including jig grinding, electrical discharge machining wisconsinprecision cnc machining services, 4 and 5 axis machining,  and reverse engineering services and many more.

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