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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Jigs and Fixtures

Jigs and fixtures are important components in CNC machinery or any other equipment used in manufacturing. They play a crucial part in the smooth operation of machinery in manufacturing goods and other mechanical processes. However, there are many things that people don’t know about these components. It is important to have the right knowledge of these products so that you can use them efficiently in your machinery. Here are some things that you might not know about jigs and fixtures.

They Both Are Different

People think jigs and fixtures to be the same; however, that isn’t true. Both products complement each other and are not interchangeable. The primary function of a jig is to guide the cutters or other processes on the workpiece at a defined location. They also support the workpiece to keep its place. Fixtures also hold the workpiece together in the right place; however, they don’t play a role in guiding the cutters to adequately perform the process on the workpiece.

Jigs are often easier to operate and don’t require extensive expertise or other accessories. On the other hand, fixtures are technical products, and you might not be able to fix and operate them alone. You’ll need expert help. Furthermore, jigs are also lightweight components, compared to fixtures that are heavy as they are built to withstand excessive vibrations and heavy pressure of the mechanical processes.

Types And Applications of Jigs

There are various types of jigs. A common type that you might have seen in industrial workshops is the drill jig. The drill jig guides the actual drill to create specific holes at a predefined location in a workpiece. You can further categorize the drill jigs into angle plate jig and channel jigs. Other applications of jigs are found in reaming, tapping, and counterboring operations.

Types And Applications of Fixtures

As mentioned, fixtures are critical in maintaining the safe position of a workpiece and ensuring continued stability throughout the process. Fixtures come in various shapes and sizes and are mostly dependent on the machining process being carried out, such as turning, milling, broaching, and even drilling. An industry that is heavily reliant on quality fixtures is the automotive industry, where these components ensure the smooth operations of the assembly line when cars go into the welding and assembly process.

fixtures on a drill machine

Advantages Of Jigs and Fixtures

These components play an important part in providing accuracy in the machining process by holding the workpiece together and guiding it accordingly. Furthermore, having quality jigs and fixtures can enhance your production capacity as multiple workpieces can line up within a single machine set up. You don’t need to constantly handle and secure the workpiece as that it is taken care of already. Moreover, it also reduces your labor cost as jigs and fixtures will take care of the handling of the workpiece, so you wouldn’t need to do it manually. It also reduces the need to do quality checks on finished products and the overall costs of machining as the process is automized with the help of these components.

Now that you know the importance of jigs and fixtures in industrial applications and the functioning of machinery, it is time to find a reliable supplier of these products.

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