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Preventative maintenance

Wire EDM Machine Requirements For Regular Maintenance

Over the years, wire EDM (electrical discharge machining) has transformed into a process that industries commonly rely on. The performance of the wire EDM machine continues to improve and develop in terms of surface finish, accuracy, and speed. It can thread wires with diameters less than 0.001 inches through holes as thin as human hair. Moreover, these machines produce mirror-like surface finishes featuring micro-machined part details that require a microscope for viewing.

However, a wire EDM machine won’t function well if not properly maintained. Its maintenance is essential for its performance because several components wear under normal operations. This guide will discuss the regular maintenance requirements for EDM machines.

Cleaning the Rollers

Several rollers equipped on the wire EDM machine support and drive the wire and are likely to become dirty during the process. If wire drivers are left dirty, the wire will slip across the rollers and affect surface finish as well as accuracy, increasing the chance of wire breaks. The wire transport system comprises three important rollers:

  • Clutch roller – it controls the tension.
  • 90 pivot roller – it’s located in the lower head.
  • Pinch roller – it pulls the used wire at the back of the machine, directing it to the collection bin.

Water Filter Maintenance

The main water filters are designed to remove and purify debris from the water to maintain a stable EDM process. The machine is equipped with four types of filters based on the direction of the flow of water. Inside-out filters require the evacuation of water from the machine for cleaning.

Moreover, deionization resin is crucial to control water conductivity for steady EDM machining. Higher water levels cause the EDM machining to become unstable because the dielectric is very conductive, so it can’t act as an insulator. It’s also important to maintain the water reservoir.

Finally, EDM machine maintenance includes general cleaning of the work tank area, seal plate, and work table.

How to Keep the Machine in Shape?

The best way to make sure the wire EDM machine is in sound condition is by investing in professional maintenance services. Implementing preventative maintenance measures will keep your machine running at its peak performance. That’s how you can minimize the downtime associated with routine maintenance checks.

Frequent machine evaluation will help you identify problems before they worsen, and taking care of minor issues will allow you to keep your machine in great shape.

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