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The Benefits of CMM Inspections

Detailed inspection of all the manufactured products before shipment is essential to maintain your product quality and to ensure that your clients are only receiving what they actually ordered. A little mistake in the product may result in client dissatisfaction and you’ll eventually end up losing a valuable client. CMM inspections are an integral aspect of quality assurance and waste reduction.

So, What’s CMM?

Commonly known as Coordinate Measuring Machine, the CMM scans machine parts and products to provide you with a 3D measurement of all the gaps in your final product. It provides you with information about different aspects of your product that may have gone wrong. For example, it can help you determine if any of your machines are working incorrectly, (i.e., cutting exceptionally thin), if there are any defects in your molds or if there were any errors in the draft before it hit the production unit.


To maintain a high reputation in the market you need to be careful about your product quality. Always.

A small mistake on your part can massively damage your reputation in the market. To ensure that every part built in your facility is up to the mark and functions efficiently, you need to conduct CMM inspections thoroughly.

First, you need the important data and information to reassure your customers that they’re getting premium-quality precision pieces. The only way to ensure this is to pick random parts from the line and measure them using CMM.


The best feature of CMM machines is that they’re universal machines. That is to say, you can use these machines for several particular tasks. These machines can measure all dimensions of a part, including but not limited to gears, warped surfaces, cams, and gears. You won’t need any additional fixtures or gages for CMM inspection.


Excessive wastage of materials and recallsare the biggest pitfalls of operating a product manufacturing business. If you want to avoid these ’Holy Crap!’moments, make a habit of pulling parts off the line for CMM inspection before sending them out. It helps you identify major issues before they reach your customers. This way, you won’t get recalls or customer complaints. This way, CMM inspections also help you build a brand reputation that never wavers.

CMM Inspection in Wisconsin 

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At MD Design & Automation, we provide CMM inspection services, CNC production, CAD model and prints, CNC and manual turning, and precision machining to our clients at cost-effective prices.

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