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Quality Control in CMM Application

CAD (Computer-aided design) and CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing) have made it possible to produce complex geometrical structures and product designs. Almost all prototyping now has become CNC controlled.

Computer Numeric Control manufacturing uses machines controlled by computational data to enhance precision and reduce manual labor. The machines are an efficient alternative to designing products without compromising their quality.

Quality Control

As soon as the final product is prepared, measurements must be taken to ensure it meets the design accuracy set by experts. In the manufacturing industry, devices are used for measuring the geometry of physical objects, termed Coordinate Machine Measurements or CMM.

CMM inspections guarantee the end-product that enters the market is of the best quality without manufacturing faults.

CMMs make sure the product is checked through different parameters. The aspects that coordinate machine measurements use include:

  • Laser
  • White light
  • Optical light

CMM inspection service in Wisconsin offers Coordinated machine measurements. It’s cardinal to establish the accuracy between product designs and the outcome since CAD designs are made with measurements best suited for the product.

How Do Coordinate Machine Measurements Work?

The product is thoroughly assessed for measurements. The best aspect of a CMM is that it measures the product along the X-, Y-, and Z-axis.

The Use of Sensors

Properties of the device are calculated along the three axes using sensors. The probe used during the measurement is highly sensitive to touch. It may be controlled by an operator or may work automatically. As soon as the probe touches the object, the machine can calculate the probe’s location along with measurements of the three axes.


Measurements in CMMs are obtained with the precision of micrometers. Each time, the machine’s probe is made to touch the object at a different position and angle to get additional readings.

To compare a product with its design, readings obtained through the measurements are studied through algorithms to assess the accuracy of the final product.


CMM probes are available in three types:

  • Touch-sensitive
  • Displacement measuring
  • Measurement with scanner

Uses of Coordinate Machine Measurements

Quality Control Units

The measurement offered by coordinated measurement machines are exceptionally accurate and best suited for quality control departments in manufacturing industries. These machines are used in automobile, aerospace, and heavy metal industries to obtain precise measurements.

Portable CMMs

Portable CMMs are easier to use and carry. You can place them anywhere you want at your workplace. The device only requires its probe to touch the object’s surface. Each time the probe touches the object’s surface, it gives the most precise measurement in a 3D coordinate.

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Our CNC service in Wisconsin offers CMM inspection/measurement services. We have years of experience in the trade and satisfied customers throughout the US and Canada.

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