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How to Reduce CNC Machining Costs?

In today’s era, where firms are looking to beat their competition, managing costs has become essential. Moreover, it’s no secret that due to the pandemic, many firms are on a budget and need to reduce costs to make ends meet.

For manufacturing firms, CNC machining is an integral part of their core processes as it assists them in shaping their product with extreme precision. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is a procedure through which you can use computer data to create complex products. The vast benefits of CNC machines have increased their popularity, but an alarming situation is arising for firms due to its increasing costs.

Here’s how you can reduce CNC machining costs.

Change The Corners

A rookie mistake that many inexperienced machine designers conduct is to make a CNC machine with a 90-degree corner. With a sharp perpendicular corner, you’d have to stop the machine and rotate the parts back into their original place, which can waste your time and add to the costs. An experienced designer would make your CNC machine with round corners to ensure smooth and continuous production.

Limit Depth of Pockets

Making deep pockets in your CNC machines can be a burden on your bank balance as you’d have to remove the waste material from the pocket and clean it frequently. It’s better to get your machine designed by a reputed firm as they would limit the depth of the machine’s pocket and save you a lot of money.

Increase Wall Size

CNC machines are delicate. The basic CNC machines have thin walls which can be easily damaged. Repairing the damage can dig a big hole in your bank balance. You should beef up the walls to ensure they can withstand any pressure. It’s sensible to opt for thick walls to prevent damage and increase the life of your machine.

Don’t Waste Money on Extra Finishing

CNC machines aren’t fashion icons.

The finishing on a CNC machine is conducted to protect it from an extreme environmental conditions. However, people tend to put extra finishing to make the machine look good. While it’s true that a good-looking machine can catch a client’s eye but do you think it’s worth the extra cost? Certainly not, as the client would be more impressed by the quality of the final product that the machine is producing.

Avoid Parts With High Aspect Ratio

Objects with a high aspect ratio are more prone to be damaged by vibrations in the machine. If you want to save yourself from repair costs, it’s better to design parts with a low width to height ratio and connect high aspect ratio parts to a thick wall to minimize damage from the vibrations.

CNC machining process

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