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CNC Machining Tools – Everything you Need to Know

Are you still new to the CNC production sector and wish to learn more about it? Or maybe you plan to open your CNC business and need tips about what tools to invest in? Understand what CNC machinery and software you must own beforehand.

This blog is the perfect way to start your journey. Read along to learn more about all the important details about full-service CNC machining tools.   

CNC Production and Machining- An Overview

CNC is a short-form for Computer Numerical Control. It is one of the procedures for designing prototypes using software files. CNC production is an effective automation strategy, allowing the CNC machining companies to reduce their costs and expand their productivity and profitability.

6 Essential CNC Production Tools

If you have skilled experts and finances, you can set up your own CNC business. But what tools does your firm need the most? Below we’ll list the 6 Must-Have CNC machining tools for every CNC machine shop and manual works.

1. Edge Finder

Edge finders align the machining tolls with the center and work best in the zero setting of CNC machines. They don’t cost much but are vital equipment of every CNC machinery toolbox.

2. Scientific Calculator

A scientific calculator with sine, cosine, and tangent is the loyal friend for every machine expert. You can’t go around offering consultation to clients without having a scientific calculator in your pocket. The calculator is an immense help for trigonometry and calculating speeds.

3. End Mills

An end mill is a necessity for vertical CNC machining. The tool saves your time by removing a huge quantity of material quickly. An end mill has numerous types. Depending on your services, you can get one with a single flute or a bull-nosed or ball-nosed one. Ball-nosed end mills focus on 3D contouring, while bull-nosed ones are used for filets.

4. Calipers

Calipers measure the distance between two objects with precision. It’s crucial to own a caliper in a CNC machine shop because prototyping and designing depend on accuracy and precision. You can fix the calipers on opposite ends of the distance you want to measure.

5. Gage

There are numerous types of gages, all used for specific methods. For instead, a center gauge is crucial for lathe work. It checks the angels as you grind the centers. A telescope gauge is important for measuring the inside of the bores. To make full use of it, you must use it alongside a micrometer.   

6. Micrometers

If you have recently established your CNC machining business, micrometers are your lifesavers. Micrometers help you in precise measurement of the objects- from thickness and diameter to their length.

The Best CNC Machining Services, Wisconsin Is Your Place To Begin!

Now that you know the basics, are you in search of CNC machining companies? Wisconsin offers you a quick fix. MD Design and Automation offers an extensive portfolio of services, from full-service CNC tooling to CNC grinding services. Get your quote today if you’re looking to avail of CNC prototyping services in Wisconsin.

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