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Benefits of CNC Lathes

If you own a company that deals with machining or fabrication of metal parts, CNC lathe construction is one tool that you will find very useful. These machines are used for manufacturing or production and can be found in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical devices.

What Is a CNC Lathe?

The computer numerical control (CNC) lathe is an automated tool that enables machinists to perform various metal-cutting operations with high precision. CNC lathes are simply cutting tools and machines used to shape metal. The machine holds one or more cutting tools that spin around a center point, making it ideal for turning round pieces of metal into parts such as screws and bolts. They are highly efficient machines capable of automating repetitive production processes with repeatable accuracy. We take a look at the benefits of incorporating them into your manufacturing process.

Highly Versatile

CNC Lathes can manufacture all kinds of products, from normal items such as car parts and forks to more complex products like furniture and airplane components. Unlike low-grade products made by hand, CNC Lathes provide a high standard of accuracy that is almost impossible for manual lathes to match.

No Need for Highly Skilled Operators

CNC lathes are capable of performing several functions and require only minimal human involvement. They don’t even need 24/7 human supervision. With labor costs rising, this helps keep the costs down, especially in a struggling economy. Also, it does not need highly skilled operators, which was a big challenge for manufacturers previously. Automation makes the job of human resources easier and allows the management to deploy them in other critical areas.

More Production

Compared to manual lathes, CNC machines are vastly more productive. You can produce 20 times more parts with a CNC machine in the same period than you would be able to make by manual lathes. Your clients will not have to wait very long for their order to be completed, which in turn means they’ll be happier and return again and again! This also means that you will recover your one-time investment cost in CNC lathes very fast.

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