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All You Need to Know About EDM Machining

For the modern-day consumer, traditional machining methods would not suffice. An increase in product demand has made it imperative that the best product be delivered at the most feasible pricing. Non-traditional tooling methods like EDM and precision tooling allow high-end machinery to provide the best results without causing excess waste.

The Erosive Nature of Electrodes

The study of current is not new. Priestly was the scientist whose groundbreaking study of electrodes paved the way for many advanced procedures like EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining).

When current is supplied through the electrodes, an electric field that works towards metal erosion is generated. This way, the metal can be given the desired shape.

Electrical Discharge Machining

EDM machining is a relatively new concept that works towards shaping material for large-scale industries. One of the major advantages of the process is that it doesn’t use force. Metal is not torn into bits and pieces but rather shaped efficiently through the metal depositing on the electrodes. The process requires the following equipment:

  • Charged electrodes
  • Dielectric Fluid
  • Metal Sheet

Through repeated discharges, the process accomplishes the complete molding of a metal. Electrical discharge machining works best regardless of the material’s hardness. No matter the metal’s hardness, EDM can be used for all metals in the most difficult of working conditions.


A conductor metal is placed in a dielectric field containing two electrodes. The dielectric fluid provides a medium for the passage of electrons. Upon passage of a high voltage, the electrodes near the metal produce a spark. Gradually, the metal from the workpiece dissociates from the piece and settles.

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While the general mechanism remains the same, EDM has three different types:

Sinker EDM

Uses an electrode and a workpiece suspended in a dielectric liquid. Upon power supply, the electrode is taken nearer to the metal. Sparks generated from the process assist metal erosion.

metal pipes inside a rocket factory

Fast Hole Drilling EDM

As the name suggests, the process is used to drill holes in the metal. It uses a rotating tube that would release dielectric fluid. The process is used by the aerospace industry. Air is passed directly into the blade to keep the aero-engine cool. The process is accomplished through hole drilling EDM.

Wire EDM

In this process, a brass wire is passed through the metal workpiece. The process is used to cut intricate designs from thick metal workpieces.

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Advantages of the EDM Method

  • Electrical Discharge Machining is known for the smoothness with which it shapes metals. The final metal product is free of rugged edges and surfaces.
  • Unlike traditional machining, EDM is computer-controlled. The fact adds to the precision that an EDM can accomplish without force.
  • Hard metals take up great force to be shaped. In EDM, hard metals can be most conveniently shaped.

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