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Coordinate Measuring Machine

A Guide to CMM Maintenance

After you’ve made the investment in your Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), you must do whatever you can to look after this expensive piece of technology. Preventative CMM inspection and maintenance performed regularly will guarantee that it operates well for a longer duration. Continue reading to learn more about taking care of your CMM with proper maintenance techniques.

Preventative CMM Maintenance Is Important

The necessity of CMM maintenance and cleaning should not be underestimated. Maintaining the longevity and quality of your CMM parts and components is important. You face the chance of broken equipment if you don’t keep up with CMM maintenance, increasing your overall operating expenses.

Every important part of the machine, from the probes, motors, controller, and air bearings, should be cleaned and maintained.

Types Of CMM Maintenance That Can Be Perform Independently

Cleaning and maintaining your CMM controls, joystick, bearing, and probe is critical to the machine’s ability to function effectively. Some maintenances may be conducted individually and without the assistance of expert specialists when it concerns regular CMM maintenance.

Cleaning Dust

Dust can jam bearings, affecting the machine’s overall performance. Filters must be examined once a month while evaluating dust cleanliness. A microfiber cloth with alcohol can be used to clear dust and grime from bearing surfaces. When cleaning dust from CMM, it will guarantee that your equipment runs at its best and will save you money in the long run.

Air Bearings

Air bearings need the most protection and maintenance since they are one of the most important components of CMM.

The filters on the rear of your CMM should be changed as needed regularly. The duration of regular CMM maintenance is based on which environment you operate in, such as a dusty or clean.

Examine the Controller Filters

Every 6 months, inspect the controller filters and change them if required. Your CMM may overheat, resulting in a full shutdown if preventative maintenance is not performed.

CMM maintenance guarantees that your machine is trouble-free and that production can restart quickly and correctly.

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CMMs are built to last, but only if they are properly maintained and calibrated regularly throughout their lives. MD Design & Automation offers our clients cost-effective CMM inspection and measurement, CNC and manual turning, CAD model and prints, CNC production, precision machining, and CNS grinding services.

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