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3 Steps to a Successful Product Redesign and Launch

To a novice, redesigning an existing product could seem easier than creating a brand-new one. But while there are undoubtedly many benefits to remodeling rather than coming up with a fresh design, this perception overlooks the difficulties involved.

The Product Design Services industry revenue has grown to USD 3.3 billion over the five years to 2022. Although redesigning does have the advantage of beginning from a far more knowledgeable and solid base, dealing with an established product and customer base will have its own unique issues. Let’s analyze just what those problems are. 

Data and Research

A business proposal for a product relaunch and redesign must be supported by solid data obtained from user research and competitors. When gathering the knowledge and data you require to guide your decisions, redesign initiatives typically provide you with a significant head start.

As you are coming from a place of knowledge, you can better focus your research and utilize your resources more effectively. Further investigation into clients and rivals is still necessary though.

Overcoming Challenges

Although the method of finishing a redesign generally mirrors the design phase, it has its own difficulties. The process must start by evaluating user requirements and business needs and setting the goal specifications to suit those needs. While reliable data you already have can help with this step, there are still some hurdles.  

Setting priorities for specifications might be difficult because of the tendency to alter or modify everything. The product should feel brand-new after a makeover, but it shouldn’t lose its identity. No user should really feel as though they have to relearn how to operate the product.

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Product Launch

A redesign must be done carefully and with refinement even though it might not demand much of the same aggressive marketing as a new product launch. Consumers do not often enjoy the concept of modifications to their preferred goods or the concept of having to rediscover how to use certain tools, even though redesigns are intended to make products better for users.

If handled poorly, you risk alienating and losing users. If handled properly, the launch of a redesign is a chance to re-engage people, encouraging them to make additional investments and perhaps even referring the product to other people, thereby growing the user base.

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