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3 Incredible Advantages of CNC Machining Over Regular Machining

The world is shifting towards more mechanized production methods; industries are competing with each other to adopt the latest advancement in technology. Similarly, the manufacturing industry is not far behind; gone are the old days of regular machining. Processes now use Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining. 

The manufacturing industry relies on CNC because it offers a wide range of advantages over regular machining. CNC machining has proven to be highly accurate, efficient and productive in contrast to conventional machining. Let’s talk more about these CNC machining benefits: 

1) Less Labor 

With CNC, one qualified employee can operate multiple machines with only a programmer needed for the designs. By hiring fewer personnel, you can focus on meeting customer requirements and have an edge over the competition. 

2) Efficiency with cost-effectiveness 

Use of CNC machining results in higher production levels owing to increased accuracy. This, coupled up with high-speed, results in lower overall costs. 

small and medium sized spare metal parts

Lower costs mean companies can re-investment in more advancements and maintenance of machines to keep up with the industry’s consistent growth rate. Overall, CNC machining saves money and helps makes more money in terms of profits, so it’s a win-win situation. 

3) Accuracy guaranteed 

Unlike traditional machining, CNC machining leaves no room for error. The digital machining of CNC leaves little margin for human error and thereby guarantees maximum accuracy

Additionally, CNC machines have high endurance and only need to stop during maintenance or repair. Once the specifications are entered, the device can output massive quantities, which also helps achieve economies of scale.  

4) Safety 

With CNC machining, the operators work from a safe distance and aren’t in contact with any sharp tools. Standard machining methods, on the other hand, leave operators vulnerable to direct contact, putting them in a risky situation. 

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